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Living Hope Fellowship: is a young congregation with a variety of age groups. We are dedicated to the preaching and teaching of God’s word. 

Going Deeper: Throughout the week our community groups and prayer meetings offer additional topical teachings and opportunities to gather in a smaller group setting. 

Outreach to our community and the world is important to our congregation: in addition to the overseas missionaries we support we are routinely involved in local projects for the sick, poor, and homeless. 

Relationships: We recognize the need for making deeper connections between church members and regularly offer events for the men or women such as monthly men’s breakfasts, women’s gatherings, etc. 

Children are a vital part of our church; we offer Sunday school classes for ages 2 and up and have child-focused activities several times a year. 

Please join us as we grow together, support our neighbors, and bless the world with the message of the living hope of Jesus Christ.


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